Appleby Horse Fair

I first went to Appleby Horse fair in 1989 armed with a several rolls of Kodak T-Max 400 film, a Nikon FM2 camera, 28mm and 50mm lenses. It was always a treasure trove for images and I visited for several years, each time coming away with strong portfolio shots. Some 15 years passed and I returned in 2018 with a digital camera, 35mm and 50mm lenses. I still shot in black & white (my preference) and met up with my friend and ace photojournalist Ian Duncan. Little had changed and I probably walked past many of the people I had photographed as youngsters years ago without recognising them. I’m not even going to say which are the old photographs which are the most recent. I just hope you enjoy viewing them. People have very strong views on the event but you can’t deny it is fascinating and makes great photographs.