Wedding photography style

Most people have a stereotypical idea about wedding photography. They think it is about key moments paused and staged for the photographer. Quite often, outside influences mean couples are pressured into having every variation of family and friends lined up for dozens of group shots too.

As a Documentary Wedding Photographer I have to say IT DOESN’T HAVE TO BE THAT WAY and IT IS YOUR WEDDING!

So much happens during a wedding. Magical moments, emotional moments and hilarious moments. There is nothing wrong with traditional wedding photography but my style is about capturing the laughs, the tears, the tension, the hugs and most importantly the love. My work is a collection of candid moments which all add up to tell the story of not just your wedding day but the relationships you have with people in your life.

I do this by being discreet, not barking orders at you or your guests. I will photograph group shots but I recommend a maximum of three small groups of the the main bridal party. This allows me to then capture the type of images you see on every one of the weddings featured in my blog.

I alway encourage couples to spend between 10-20 minutes away from their guests to have a little time on your own to get some beautiful creative portraits.